How’s life Sona?

I remember my cousin had asked me, “How’s life Sona?” “Good” is all I could say. I had just got my first job; I was excited but had no clue about how my life was. I too have asked people the same question, to find how’s life for others. Most of the time people have told me that life is going on at its pace. But is getting up, breathing and going about your daily chores called being alive or living a life? I think not.
Then, what does it mean to be alive? To me being alive is to live in the moment, to soak it well and to add it to ones trove of experiences. I am often told that I have a good memory. The fact is I experience each moment so well that it becomes a part of me. I’m also blamed of living in the past. On the contrary, my experiences have enriched me, made me the person that I am and the so called ‘past’ has become me. So, I actually live in the moment and don’t differentiate it into past or present.
Abhay too used to say the same, “You want your life to be happening all the time.” Yes, routine bores me. I don’t differentiate between good, or bad, to me an experience is an experience and as the saying goes whatever doesn’t kill me makes me strong and adds value to my life.
Life is not easy, ask the body how much it struggles for every breathe, every beat and every action. We don’t realise because it’s the body at work. Life seems to be a struggle at times but then there’s something happening, without which there would be no life. We cannot let life pass by just like that. It is to be lived, breathed, experienced and enjoyed. I’ve been through difficult pregnancy, serious illness, Abhay’s illness, recovery and loss but I remember all the good things that happened during those times. And they keep me alive. Steal the moments and make the most of them, that’s all life is about. So, if my cousin were to ask me today, “How’s life Sona?” My answer will be “Happening and I am doing the best that I can. Because we don’t leave a fight in the middle.”
Reminds me of the dialogue from the movie ‘Uri’, “How’s the Josh?” “Very high! Because we are born to be unbeatable.”

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  1. Suman iyer says:

    V nice and soothing words.

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  2. Mayur says:

    Very nice lines, Be HIGH on LIFE !!!!

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