After the break

Tomorrow marks one year since Abhay’s passing. People around me have been saying how fast the year went by. Ask me! Nobody knows how the year went away, barring a few very close people. Shubham’s eighteen years of growing up went away faster than this one year. A lot has happened, I’ve learned a lot, experienced a lot and each new day has strengthened my faith in humanity. People from known and unknown quarters have helped me, stood by me and some of them bear the brunt of my petulant behaviour regularly. Ask them how the year has gone by. Even my readers here patiently read about it, though some of them have subtly told me in person that they look forward to reading something different. Request you to please bear with me for I can not help but dedicate this post to him.
There’s a lot I want to say but don’t have the words. So, on second thoughts let me not write anything about him today.  Every time he left in the morning he would say, ” Chal Soan milte hain, break ke baad.” ( Okay Sona! Let’s meet after the break). I know, I’ll meet him for sure but the break is a bit prolonged. So, for once I just think about him and not write. Abuji! There’s a lot I want to tell you about all my Angels and Devils. We’ll talk when we meet, after the break.

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