A message for my children.

I truly agree with Oprah Winfrey’s claim that, “Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.”
When I first became a teacher, I was more of a friend than mother to my students. But as I evolved, matured and aged, I started treating my students as my children. This was also because of Shubham who is the reason my Mother’s Day falls on 19th May. Yes, I may not be the biological mother of my students but they have all been my children.
I have taught many students and some of them are very special to me. I may not be in touch with them on a regular basis but they sure hold a  very special place in my heart. It doesn’t happen often that the whole class becomes a part of you and your life. Six to seven years back, I was the class teacher of VII-A who were one such batch where all the children were very dear to me.
Then there was my VII-B that I was the class teacher of last academic year which will always remain very close to my heart. These children formed a very special bond with me. They shared their joys, fears, apprehensions and problems freely with me and it felt great to see them take charge of their situations and achieve success with confidence. This very vocal class of mine gave me an insight into the mindset of the new age generation and taught me to take life as it came my way. The best thing about this little brood of mine was that they may be anything in the class with me but were always very well behaved and disciplined outside the class. They never let me down and that’s why I am proud of them. They also stood by me if ever I needed their support and I looked forward to going to school every day just because of them. I want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to my kids for being the most wonderful class.
Today, I share a poem I wrote for them but is for each of my students with whom I have a strong connect. Why? Because these wonderful children of mine call and message to wish a happy ‘Mother’s Day’ to me.

To the best children I know!
It’s wonderful to see you grow.
You are now set for the beautiful journey, which we all call LIFE.
Full of fun and things unknown,
it may also cause strife.
It’ll have many adventures,
and wonderful memories for you.
But remember there will be
moments of struggle too.
Face each hurdle with your biggest smile,
it will make you strong.
It will give you faith in the right and protect you from wrong.
Strong people know their minds and
also their hearts.
They stand by their values and
course their own chart.
People look up to them for all that they do.
They live by example and live their lives true.
Each of you is a special one,
set to do great things.
I wish you much air and
strength in your wings.

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