The Curved Line

One thing that I’ve been complimented the most about is my ability to smile. I can smile through pain, strife, and happiness alike. The thing is I want to be remembered for my smiles because it is the only thing that I can give in abundance to whoever I meet. Long time back, I had written this piece for my morning address as a B. Ed. student. And I present it here as it was, one last time.
The very first language that a child learns to understand is the language of emotions. A child of say three months can very well tell whether the person/s around him are showing their love and concern towards him or just anger. The emotion of love and affection is usually shown with a smile and caring looks. It is this aspect of life, i.e., SMILES that I want to speak about.
Friends, sometime back I came across a few lines by Joseph Addison which read, “What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity.” I appreciated the beauty of this sentence, noted it down somewhere and soon forgot about it. Don’t we all do that? Well! I remembered about it recently, while pondering over the various aspects of life, I came across this strange phenomenon, we all experience! However gloomy we might be and whatever thoughts might be brewing in our minds, it always happens that someone’s smile just lights up our face. The specialty of a smile lies in the fact that it is never outmoded and its wearer is always in vogue. No matter how many centuries have passed, a smile is always handy in effectively saying & showing a myriad of emotions. Maybe that’s why Robert Frost has said,” If happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length, a smile makes up for a million unsaid words.”
Most often a smile symbolizes the emotion of joy or happiness but it becomes meaningful only when it conveys a quality of mind. A smiling face with empty eyes can be a disconcerting experience. A smile is not only a barometer for ones emotions, a mask, or an ornament. It is all this & much more. It is the sensation of feeling good all over & showing it in one place & the most infectious of all human traits.
A smile can give an insight into one’s personality. The smile of Mahatma Gandhi is filled with a childlike innocence and its effect is such that you immediately smile back, when you see the Mahatma smiling in the covers of a magazine, a book or a caricature etc., while the smile of Mona Lisa is as mysterious as her character. The plastic or synthetic smiles of air hostesses and receptionists never display an emotion, while the smile of politicians lacks genuineness and depth. A Smile may be sad, crooked, mischievous, innocent, arrogant and what not. This is why smile is an important feature of a person’s face and an integral part of human life.
Which mother’s heart has not melted in a tremendous outpouring of love when her two month old smiles in recognition of her voice and presence? Which father has not resolved to move mountains when a son holds his hand with a trusting smile? Which hurt cannot be forgiven when a sincere smile accompanies the apology? A smile can effectively tell a person’s feelings. It is said that the face is the mirror of heart, your face shows what your heart feels. That is why the faces of rogues, villains, and thugs bear no smile but only a stern vicious look and even when they smile, it reflects a crooked heart and not a pious one. But a pious heart sends out its radiance and shine not only on the face but also a sparkle in the eyes.
A careful observation over time has shown me that one smiling face in the crowd lights up another and another and so on so forth. And believe me not even once have I noticed a pout in reply to a smile. Even total strangers seem to build up an immediate rapport on the bridge of a smile. A smile boosts one’s confidence, makes one feel happy and look beautiful. Just take a look in the mirror, pout and smile simultaneously and see for yourself. You will definitely like the smiling face since it increases your face value.
Now not taking much of your time I would like to conclude by quoting Phil Irwin, the host of the breakfast show of the Voice of America, “If you find a person without a smile, pass on one of yours.”

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