Angels Along The Way!

The only angels I knew for a long long time were the mythical winged creatures with a halo. Then one fine day an Inner Wheel friend of mine from Goa asked me if I would be interested in inviting archangels Rafael, Uriel, Gabriel and Michael into my home. Now this was new to me and I didn’t even know how the archangels were different from the angels. A quick search on Google gave me enough insight into the lives, needs and deeds of the angels and their ilk. I asked Abhay and we were okay with the idea of having some new friends from another realm into our home and lives. So I sent my consent and she guided the wonderful beings to our place. We did not have any out of the world kind of experience but whatever we had in that week was good and we felt a certain positivity.
It was while writing my last blog that I got this idea of writing about the angels who have touched our lives. These angels are the people who came my way, supported me and stood by me. I have a deep sense of gratitude for the sea of humanity around me who just went on giving me without expecting anything in return. They are the angels who walk the roads I walk and who I share my living space with, though not necessarily in the same sphere. And I’m not talking only about family and friends and people I am acquainted with. There are also the anonymous people who just came, helped and went away, nameless, faceless and unreachable.
It might be the karma of my ancestors or the goodwill of my parents or the positivity generated by Abhay and my family members on his side that has always blessed me with a helping hand whenever a need for it arose. The world has been kind to me but its realisation dawned more upon me when Abhay had taken ill.
Too occupied with the running around for the right doctor, treatment, and Abhay’s condition I became aware that I needed Divine intervention as well to help me through. But I just didn’t have the time to sit and pray. In one of those moments of despair I just put a message in my Inner Wheel group that I needed prayers and had no time to seek them myself. Now here were women from all around, some of whom I knew by name or by face or not at all.
But the moment I sent the message, women from all around started helping. There were ladies from as far as Delhi, Dehradun, Hyderabad and from all around India sending me prayers and wishes for Abhay. Then there were many anonymous people who prayed for Abhay and sent their positive energy while he underwent the tricky bypass surgery for six hours straight.
I also remember the auto rickshaw driver in whose rickshaw I forgot my important documents, certificates and a little gold. But he searched through the bag, found my address and returned everything. And another rickshaw driver who just said to me that I need not worry and things would be good soon while I was paying the fare. I still remember his words, “himmat rakkho beta, sab achcha hoga.” ( Stay strong child! Everything will be good.)
Then there have been people who have given me moral support or have blessed me because they felt like it, in trains, buses or on the road. I don’t know what it is with me or perhaps my face is more vocal than me that people just know when I need a word of support and they give it even before I ask for it.
This post is a show of gratitude to all the angels, known and unknown, who came my way, became a part of my life and enriched me by their presence. Never can I repay what each of these wonderful people have done for me, I just hope that I’m able to reach as many people as I can and be able to repay a bit of the huge debt that is a part of my life.

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